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The Educational Technology Debate is managed by a team of editors. You can reach all three on: editors@edutechdebate.org

Wayan Vota, Publisher
Wayan Vota is a is a technology expert focused on appropriate information and communication technologies (ICT) for the developing world. He is currently a manager at Development Gateway and executive director of the Technology Salon. He is also the co-founder of Kurante, which is the publisher of EduTech Debate. Previously he was the senior education director for Inveneo, the director of IESC Geekcorps, and the co-founder ICTworks and OLPC News. More on Wayan

Roxana Bassi, Editor
Roxana Bassi is an IT and Telecommunications Engineer with 25 years experience in ICT for development. An Argentinean national, she has worked for the private, academic, NGO, public sector and international organizations in several countries of the world, including Afghanistan, Rwanda and Bolivia. She advises governments on technical areas related to the development of the knowledge society, like IT policy development, planning infrastructure, large scale deployment, project management, e-learning, e-waste and monitoring and evaluation of IT projects. More on Roxanna

Shabnam Aggarwal, Editor
Shabnam Aggarwal is an idealist and an education reformer who focuses her energy on improving educational models and methods for low-income students around the world. In 2009 she co-founded MILLEE, a social enterprise bringing English education to rural children in India through fun mobile phone games. She is now the Head of Strategic Partnerships for Pearson in India. More on Shabnam




The Educational Technology Debate is guided by a trio of leading technology and education experts at the World Bank and Unesco:

Tim Kelly, Lead ICT Policy Specialist at infoDev
Dr. Tim Kelly is the Lead ICT Policy Specialist at infoDev, at the World Bank in Washington DC, where he has responsibility for access for all and for mainstreaming ICTs for development. He was previously Head of the Strategy and Policy Unit (SPU) at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). More on Tim

Michael Trucano, Senior ICT and Education Policy Specialist at World Bank
Michael Trucano serves as the Bank’s focal point on the topic within the education sector. In this role he provides support to World Bank education projects with ICT-related ‘components’, and is involved in a variety of research activities. He is also a principal contributor to the World Bank’s EduTech blog. More on Mike

Steve Vosloo, Mobiles for Development Program Manager at UNESCO
Steve Vosloo is a mobiles for development (M4D) programme manager, with a particular focus on mobile learning, youth and ICTs. He is currently a programme specialist in mobile learning at UNESCO where he manages the UNESCO Nokia Partnership. Previously he has been the fellow for 21st Century Learning at the Shuttleworth Foundation. He founded the m4lit (mobiles for literacy) project, which demonstrated the enormous potential of mobile publishing to support teen reading and writing in South Africa and Kenya. More about Steve


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