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Expanding the Discussion of ICT4E

Kevin Donovan

In my earlier post I wrote of peering through the clouds of uncertainty; Tim, however, rightly points out that we do already know many of the challenges facing ICT4E. His larger point, though, is the more important one:  technology is not a panacea. Although connectivity and lack of hardware durability are important hurdles, they are essentially solveable technological problems. Much more intractable will be problems arising as technology is integrated into global pedagogy and society at-large. 

Are rural teachers equipped to utilize ICT in the classroom? How will school administers adapt to unforeseen challenges arising from student-technology interaction? Are local and national governments committed to the necessary technology upgrades? 

These questions will be solved by objective research, collaborative experimentation and, most of all, a commitment to improving access and quality of education for all. In the coming months, Educational Technology Debate will provide a forum for stakeholders around the world to join in the necessary discussion about ICT4E. We hope you join us!

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