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Is Technology a Silver Bullet for Private Schools But Not for Public Schools?

Shabnam Aggarwal

As we move into the third decade of the technology revolution, our schools worldwide are finally taking heed. Today, we are hard pressed to find a public school where students, teachers, and principals had never heard of the mobile phone. 5 years ago, we could not have made that statement.

That being said, most teachers and students would also tell you in lockstep that they were not allowed to bring a laptop or other mobile device they own into school premises. Rules, regulations, preconceived notions, and an archaic education system are all impediments towards allowing government supported schools to capitalize upon the technology revolution.

Private schools, however, are exactly that – private. They are able to circumvent government rules on technology usage in the classroom due to the risk they take in offering education outside the public system.

  • Does that mean private schools are better slated to open their arms to all the benefits of educational technologies?
  • Or does that mean privates are more susceptible to untested, under researched, disproportionately priced products and services?
  • Or perhaps public schools are better placed to implement technologies since the business model depends solely on government funding rather than parents?

Join us for an in-depth analysis of these questions and the overall educational impact of technology in private and public schools in the developing world during the May Educational Technology Debate. If you would like to join the discussion as one of our 6 key lead discussants email us today!

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