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Happening Now! Live Educational Technology Debate

Wayan Vota

Today we have crossed the digital chasm Рthe Educational Technology Debate is now happening in real life at the World bank offices in New Delhi, India.  We are bringing the classic Oxford-style Debate process to South Asia  as noted experts in the field will debate the following motion:

Most investments in technology for schools are wasted: Discuss
There is a general consensus that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) such as radio, TV, computers, the Internet, and mobile phones can increase educational experiences and improve education. But is this opportunity being overhyped?

The debate will be moderated by Dr Tim Kelly, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, infoDev/World Bank. He will introduce the topic and our discussants, who will respond with concise arguments in an attempt to sway the audience. This will be followed by a moderated discussion and concluded with panelists giving a concluding argument.

The goal of the panelists will be to persuade the audience to reach one of two conclusions:

  1. Most current investment is being wasted and needs a fundamental rethink (FOR the motion)
  2. Existing schemes are already bearing fruit and need only ongoing support (AGAINST the motion).

The audience will hold the last word. Participants will be invited to vote FOR, AGAINST or UNDECIDED on the motion both before and after the debate. The side that swings the most votes during the course of the debate will be declared the winner.

Join us for this live debate on the Internet via webcast and Twitter:


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